Monday, 20 May 2013

"Pointillist Surfaces" Workshop

We all had an interesting day creating an "embroidered painting" inspired by a Pointillist/impressionist picture.

Chris Cook our tutor demonstrated a variety of techniques including an embellisher which some of us had never used before and that was fun to have a go with.

Creative aim
We were all asked to bring a picture of a garden, land or seascape in the style of impressionist/pointillist paintings to help us create a Pointillist surface.

Here is an example of what we were aiming towards. Some lovely results.

Start stitching

Here we are all starting off machine stitching our Pointillist surface.

All that creativity has made us peakish - time for lunch. Everyone contributes to our group lunch.
Shared lunch
More examples
Here are some more pictures of what we can accomplish with an initial creative idea and with the techniques Chris showed us using an embellisher.

Summer flowers

A garden scene
Our creations
A thoroughly enjoyable day and hopefully we all learned something new to try out at home. 
Think everyone was pleased with the end results. Well done everyone.