Thursday, 17 October 2013

Golden Motifs Workshop

On Saturday, we enjoyed a lovely workshop, Golden Motifs, with Louise Watson.  She has been to our Guild several times before and it is always really enjoyable.  She enjoys coming to us as it isn't to far for her to travel and she knows what a good lunch we have.

These below show some of Louise's work.  The first is the block she made, then the print, then the finished piece.

Louise brought along several pieces of her own to inspire us and demonstrated all of the techniques.

Print and press on
We started the day by using printing blocks that Louise brought along, printing on paper and different fabrics.We then made our own prints using press and print, again playing around with different colours and on a variety of surfaces.

Embellish with stitch and beads
In the afternoon Louise suggested that we choose our favourite piece of printing and embellish it with stitching and beads.
Our creations
Here are all of us at the start - all happy to have a go.
Here of some examples of what we accomplished during our workshop - fun.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Golden Motifs

We will be welcoming Louise Watson to Little Somerford Village Halll, this coming Saturday 5th October. 

Louise will be showing members and visitors how to incorporate golden fabrics, threads, dyes and prints into their embroidered work.

Our workshops are an opportunity to learn new skills, work with exciting textile artists and enjoy a sociable bring and share lunch that never disappoints.

More here soon about the workshop, with photographs.