Sunday, 23 March 2014

"Sketch to Design" Workshop with Sian Martin

We were asked to bring along a flower with beautiful petals and colour to learn how to find shapes in our flowers to create decorative floral patterns in our sketchbooks.

These are the sort of petal forms we were aiming for throughout the workshop.  We all had a fun workshop with Sian our tutor creating forms with flowers.

Starting off
Sian started us off by drawing petals without taking the pen off the paper followed by recreating the petal shapes in wire. Threads were then used to create smaller shapes and areas across the wire.

Here is one of our group concentrating hard to create a shape with wire, based on her drawing.  Her plant is a wonderful snakeshead frilliary - really nice choice.

The next process
Once our petals have been structured it is time for the next stage. This is when we dipped our petals in paper pulp and then dyed them.  Once they were dry we could then add stitching and beads to embelish.

Our creations - lifted from a sketchbook
Our aim was to create petal forms realistic or abstract - these could be used for decoration or in grander pieces of work.