Thursday, 2 October 2014

Historical costume

Our Guild recently held its AGM meeting at Malmesbury Town Hall.  Our meeting was over quickly and we were treated to a fascinating talk about their love and involvement with historical costume by Franchesca Caton and her husband Jon.

They took us on a whirlwind tour of beautiful historic houses where they visit, alongside hundreds of other enthusiasts, historians and designers to enjoy and display the beautiful costumes they have made.

Franchesca and Jon showed us how the ladies' dresses would have been worn, with each layer being tied on - no buttons or zips in the eighteenth century.  Franchesca is the seamstress, while Jon constructs the hardware - the stays (not corsets - an entirely different garment).

Jon and Franchesca - dressed beautifully for the occasion.

Examples of Franchesca's incredible sewing and embroidery skills.

Learning more about historical costume.

The back of Franchesca's incredible ensemble.